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Fit and energetic through winter: How muscles & their Myokines boost your immune system

Fit and energetic through winter: How muscles & their Myokines boost your immune system

Did you know that your body composition influences your immune defenses? That means you can actively work to become more resistant to bacteria and viruses. Alongside nutrition, fresh air, and sufficient sleep, strength training has a significant impact. The reason? Muscles produce messenger molecules called Myokines, which reduce the negative effects of pathogens like bacteria or viruses, thereby strengthening our immune system. Discover how it works here.

What exactly are Myokines and their connection to our immune system?

Myokines are a group of proteins produced and released by muscles, especially during and after physical activity. These hormone-like proteins play a significant role in communication between muscles and other organs, including the immune system.

First described in a Danish study in 2007, Myokines were discovered by Bente Pedersen's research team, who observed increased interleukin-6 levels in the blood after exercise. This was surprising since these substances have long been known and are typically produced by immune cells as anti-inflammatory agents. They gave the already-known substance a new name in this new context: Myokines, messengers of the muscles. Researchers now estimate there are about 600 different Myokines derived from muscles that influence our body, immune system, metabolism, cardiovascular system, and more.

Myokines & the immune system – How it works

The released Myokines, for example, bind to leukocytes, which are white blood cells part of the immune system. This binding triggers an immune response in the cell. Simply put, the immune system gets activated, thereby strengthening the body's defenses.

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Understanding the connection between strength training and Myokines

Our body's internal pharmacy is indirectly within the musculature. But how do we ensure the production of many of these beneficial messenger molecules? The answer: Exercise, particularly in resistance training, leads to an increased release of Myokines, as shown by researchers from Bayreuth in 2022. Endurance sports and light device training also lead to the release of these messengers but to a lesser extent. The best results are achieved with high-intensity strength training, such as AURUM Training.

The musculature releases Myokines because these messenger molecules also act on the muscles themselves: Optimized metabolic processes in the muscles allow for better nutrient utilization. This also supports muscle regeneration.

However, keep two things in mind during your training:

  1. Exercise works preventively. If you're already sick, you shouldn't train.
  2. Avoid overtraining: Your body also needs rest. Daily intense exercise can be too stressful for your body and weaken your defenses. At AURUM, you train only once a week with 6 exercises for 60 seconds each. Subsequently, your body has enough time to recover.

What else do Myokines do for your health?

Myokines are true multitaskers when it comes to health. Besides their role in defending against infections, they have other positive effects on the body. They positively influence metabolism, promote tissue regeneration, and can even have anti-inflammatory effects. Thus, they have a favorable impact on two major groups of diseases:

  1. Metabolic diseases like Type 2 diabetes, gout, or disturbed lipid metabolism.
  2. Whenever inflammation is involved, such as rheumatism, endometriosis, Crohn's disease, and more.

There are also indications that these messenger molecules may lower the risk of cancer.

Myokines vs. Adipokines: Muscles vs. fat

Adipokines, as antagonists, are molecules produced by fat cells and also play a role in regulating metabolic processes and the immune response. While Myokines tend to have immune-stimulating properties and can strengthen immune defenses, Adipokines generally have inflammation-promoting properties.

During exercise, especially when fat tissue is reduced, the release of Adipokines can be influenced. By reducing fat tissue and certain Adipokines, the negative effects of these molecules on the body can be lessened.

The balance between Myokines and Adipokines is crucial for health and ultimately your Longevity. Effective training like AURUM Training, contributing to the release of Myokines and the reduction of unfavorable Adipokines, can not only promote muscle and strength but also support immune defenses and improve metabolism. Thus, you have the strength to enjoy life.

Conclusion: The importance of muscles for a strong immune system

Myokines are essential regulators representing the connection between our muscles and the immune system. Their functions range from boosting immune defenses to regulating metabolic processes and thus reducing or preventing some diseases. Intense stress, as generated during resistance training at AURUM, ensures the optimal release of Myokines from skeletal muscles.

Sounds intriguing? Why not test it yourself in a free trial session?


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