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Warning: Risk of slipping! - safe fall prevention through strong muscles

Warning: Risk of slipping! - safe fall prevention through strong muscles

"If you are >65, and you fall and break your hip, there is a 30-40% chance you will be DEAD in 12 months," writes Dr. Peter Attia, the world's most renowned Longevity Expert. 30 out of 100 individuals over 65 years old experience at least one fall per year. Snow, ice, and slippery conditions in winter pose a significant risk. The consequences of falls can ultimately cost independence in old age. Therefore, you should make every effort to avoid falling, and if you do, to fall safely. We'll show you why strength training is the ideal fall prevention at any age and how it fits into your daily routine.

Risk of falling: Why this topic matters now

Fall prevention in care – some might be familiar with the topic. However, this article won't focus on senior gymnastics in nursing homes (even though it's essential). Instead, we want to show you that muscles serve as your protection against falls and their consequences. This way, you can live independently or completely without caregivers for a long time. However, to achieve this, you need to start fall prevention now because a single fall can lead to a hip or thigh bone fracture. Recovery from this takes a long time and could potentially cause a need for caregiving.

An effective countermeasure is early reduction of the risk of falling, where two significant factors play a role:

1. Strong bones:

Those with a predisposition for osteoporosis have a higher risk of bone fractures when falling. The cause lies in brittle bones. And this is where you should actively start, even in young age, because healthy bones are a lifelong commitment. So, at 30 years old, you can already work towards being fit in old age. Remember: medicine ensures a long life, but you largely determine what those additional years look like. Learn more in the article about Longevity.

2. Strong muscles:

Many older adults lose muscle mass, thereby losing control during a fall, making falls dangerous. A simple example: slipping on ice during winter. Muscles (and admittedly coordination) can compensate for the slide, and you can get away with a small fright. Without sufficient muscles, you land uncontrollably on the ground, risking injury.

Learn firsthand why strength and muscles are so important in old age and the quality of life they can provide:

Effects of muscles in old age

  • Better immune system & metabolism --> protection against diseases like type 2 diabetes and infections. Learn more: How Muscles & their Myokines Boost Your Immune System.
  • Joint stability --> reduced risk of injury during a fall or in sports, as muscles absorb some of the impact forces, resulting in less stress on the joints.
  • More strength & energy --> strength makes you independent and allows you to actively participate in life. This way, even at 60, 70, 80, or even 90 years old, you can go on winter vacations and not just watch winter from behind the window – do what you love.
  • Prevents sarcopenia -> muscle loss (sarcopenia) affects many people in old age, is a cause of increased falls, and is a threat to overall health.
  • Youthful appearance --> muscles tighten the skin, making wrinkles disappear.

Good to know: Women going through menopause, muscles or strength training have an additional effect: it can reduce menopausal symptoms.

AURUM Training: More muscles & strength, better coordination – lower risk of falling

AURUM Training is intense strength training involving resistance work. That's precisely what's needed for fall prevention because the intense stimulus builds muscles and bone tissue. Remember, strong muscles and bones are the two most critical factors in reducing the risk of injury and falls. This way, you tackle the root causes directly.

Why AURUM specifically?

This question is valid because, in essence, any intense strength training is good fall prevention. However, there are several good reasons for choosing AURUM Training:

  • You're never alone: Especially older people often hesitate to lift heavy weights due to fear of injury. This fear isn't baseless because improper training can indeed cause significant harm. Those who train with minimal weight waste a lot of time without reaping real benefits. That's why, at AURUM, one of our trainers is always by your side. This way, you learn to perform each exercise correctly, significantly reducing the risk of injury.
  • You're not just training muscles but also the connection between the nervous system and muscle control. During training, we visualize your strength in the AURUM circle. Your body learns, with each exercise, how to consciously activate muscles. This indirect training also helps in reducing the risk of injury during a fall as you learn controlled falling or interception.
  • We guarantee you a comfortable training atmosphere: You're alone (with a coach) in training – no distractions, no carelessness, and no intrusive looks from others. The focus is solely on you. This allows for safe and predictable training.
  • Fall prevention that takes hardly any time: 1 training session per week with 6 exercises, each lasting 1 minute. This isn't much time, especially when compared to the recovery time needed after a bone fracture from a fall. With AURUM, you have the strength, and crucially, the time for the beautiful things in life. You can use it to go on winter vacations, build a snowman with your grandchildren, or relax with a nice cup of coffee and occasionally a piece of cake. Learn here how to restore the metabolism of youth.

Start your personal fall prevention and your journey to Longevity with AURUM today: Secure your free trial training.

Additional measures to prevent falls

  1. Tripping hazards in the house are among the most common risk factors for falls and should, therefore, be avoided. Actively look around your home, identify potential hazards, and try to eliminate them.
  2. Also, ensure good lighting because you can only avoid things if you can see them.
  3. In winter, special caution is required outside because ice and slippery conditions can be dangerous. Avoid paths that aren't cleared. Sometimes, take a detour if necessary. Proper footwear is essential to avoid slipping in the first place.
  4. Occasionally practice your balance: For example, while brushing your teeth, practice standing on one leg. This will give you more confidence if a fall seems imminent.
  5. Monitor your body. If you occasionally feel unsteady due to dizziness, consult a doctor. There are many causes for dizziness, such as low blood pressure or incorrectly adjusted medications.

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