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AURUM experience: Interview with Cyrill from Zurich

AURUM experience: Interview with Cyrill from Zurich

Cyrill, a fascinating embodiment of muscle definition and athletic dedication, dedicates himself to a six-day training regime that seems to push the boundaries of what's possible. But here's the catch: at AURUM, his training takes only six precious minutes per week. This contrast raises valid questions, especially from those who doubt measurable results within such a brief time frame. The following interview with Cyrill Schnyder from Zurich will reveal why even a fitness enthusiast like Cyrill chooses AURUM and recommends it to others. Read more about Cyrill's experiences with AURUM.

How did you come to know about AURUM Fitness?

Cyrill, you started at AURUM as a trainer and are now a trainer educator at the AURUM Academy. How did you come to AURUM Fitness?

“I wanted to do something related to fitness with a friend. The plan was to undergo training and then work in a fitness studio. That was the idea. Then, during my training, I learned about AURUM Fitness through a detour.” Cyrill was initially skeptical. How could 6 minutes per week be sufficient? Initially, he thought it was another EMS studio. While EMS studios more or less work, they didn't match his enthusiasm for intense strength training. Nevertheless, he decided to give it a try. After a trial session in St. Gallen, he realized it was nothing like EMS: “I was completely exhausted but thrilled at how extremely intense the training was. I never expected to reach my limit within 6 minutes.”

"Since that moment, I am convinced that AURUM training can be revolutionary, and I want to be a part of it."

The power to enjoy life – what does that mean to you?

One of our goals at AURUM Fitness is to empower our clients to enjoy life. But what does that exactly mean?

We asked Cyrill the same question: “I recently found the best description of it in a podcast: A person who doesn't engage in strength training is like a chef who keeps using the same knife, even when the blade gets blunt, because they think they don't have the time to sharpen it.” It's evident that you can't work efficiently with a blunt knife, and sharpening the blade takes very little time. Strength training works the same way.

Getting the most out of oneself and out of life

Nowadays, we know that strength training is essential to enjoy life at any age. The body can achieve incredible things when we train it accordingly. “Until the founding of AURUM Fitness, it was challenging to achieve this because it required a certain amount of time and energy. With AURUM, you can feel the effects [without investing a lot of time and energy] and truly enjoy life to the fullest. For me, it means maximizing my life – both my health span and my current potential. And for that, you need strength. The beautiful thing about AURUM: Not only do you gain strength, but you also save time compared to a regular gym.”

What do you think, what effect does the AURUM biofeedback circle have on your training?

For those unfamiliar with AURUM: We have developed a technology that shows you, during each of the 6 exercises, how much strength you have averaged in the last 4 sessions and compares this achievement with your current performance. This is represented by the AURUM Circle. It's a real-time visualization of your strength, designed to motivate and achieve maximum performance.

“The AURUM biofeedback circle naturally has a huge impact on my training. Visualization makes me realize how much I can push my limits. You can't comprehend it beforehand. When you see that here is the maximum of the last 4 sessions, and you keep pushing and pushing and pushing and you're still not in the green zone, so you give another 1 or 5 percent to get into the green zone. Only then do you realize, okay, that's really my maximum. In my opinion, the AURUM Circle has a massive mental impact. This can also be applied to the rest of your life:”

"Where the mind stops, the body still has a lot to offer."

What are your goals in training?

“In general, my goals in training are diverse: I want to get the maximum out of my body, both in terms of strength, endurance, and aesthetics. Now my body is at its peak performance, and I can extract the most from it. To put it superficially: I want to look as good as possible, have as much strength as possible, and as much endurance and fitness as possible. All of this falls under the umbrella of health. Health should never suffer.” Cyrill loves to train; for him, health is a pleasant side effect. “I would train anyway, and I know that it will increase my lifespan and health span. That's why I enjoy it even more.”

Feeling the limit again and again

AURUM is a high-intensity training that requires a subsequent recovery phase for the body. It is primarily designed for people who want to achieve maximum results with minimal time investment. These results include building strength, losing fat, and improving metabolism. Cyrill has time and invests it happily in sports because he enjoys it. He rarely completes the AURUM training as it would interfere with his other workouts. Running, cycling, tennis, strength training, and whatever he feels like in between – Cyrill is a true sports junkie. We are aware that this does not match the typical AURUM customer.

Nevertheless, Cyrill sees a significant advantage in the AURUM training for his workout routine: “Thanks to AURUM training, I have definitely felt an improvement, especially in strength training, not only physically but primarily mentally. Feeling the limits repeatedly and pushing beyond them is extremely beneficial. It helps me give more in other workouts. I can't do that as well without AURUM.”

How have you adjusted your nutrition to your training?

Someone who values their health, muscle building, and training must inevitably consider their nutrition. We see Cyrill every day at our studio, arriving at work with his meal prep, which goes straight into the fridge. He talks about his nutrition routine with surprising ease, considering that people his age are the primary target audience for junk food, soft drinks, and other unhealthy items. “I cook a lot in advance and eat three regular meals a day. Currently, I want to lose some weight, specifically body fat. So, I eat carbohydrates before my morning workout, a shake after the workout, my pre-cooked meal for lunch, a protein-rich snack in the afternoon, and a carbohydrate-free meal in the evening.”

Normally, he consumes more calories and more carbohydrates. Cyrill doesn't precisely track what he eats, but he maintains a certain discipline about what goes into his body. He needs 200 to 250 grams of protein daily for his muscles and looks for healthy fats.

For more nutrition and training tips from Cyrill & Iman, check out our YouTube channel:

Do you think high-protein foods are useful/necessary for AURUM clients?

Supermarkets are filled with protein puddings, protein yogurts, protein rice pudding, and so on. We wondered what a passionate athlete thinks about these products for muscle building. “These products are definitely not necessary for AURUM clients.” Cyrill says with a slight smile. “As for whether they are useful – it depends on the specific food item.”

“Most of them are not really high in protein; they are loaded with sugar or saturated fats. One should enjoy them cautiously. Engage with the foods and opt for natural products. Often, the biological value of such natural products is much better. In other words, the body can absorb much more from natural products than from artificial high-protein foods.”

It might make sense for experienced strength athletes to use these enriched products to squeeze the last bit out of their bodies. These individuals have experience with healthy nutrition and can differentiate between products useful for gaining more muscle mass and those with merely good marketing. “For beginners in training, which most customers at AURUM Fitness are, focusing on these things is a mistake as they lose sight of the basics. Pay attention to calories and opt for foods naturally rich in protein: cottage cheese, low-fat quark, chicken, salmon, and more.”

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