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Women Become Bulky Like Men When Lifting Weights. True or False?

Women Become Bulky Like Men When Lifting Weights. True or False?

We have all stumbled upon certain commercials of men looking lean and bulky after lifting heavy weights, which often scares off women. Meanwhile, strength training is becoming mainstream. Even the famous Vogue magazine has shared that “weight training has become more popular among us, entering the world of social media, where people find information regarding health from influencers online”. Each and every one of us is different, and workouts can be tailored to people's health and fitness goals.  

Weight Training and Women

There is a widespread misconception about weight training that often concerns women, namely that lifting heavy weights will make them look too bulky and too big. This fear, however, is largely unfounded and does not reflect the reality of weight training for women. Firstly, the compact muscle tissues from lifting weights that allow for that appearance give the female a toned look. Hormones also play a role in muscle production that differ in men and women. The pituitary gland is a structure in our brain producing a range of hormones. According to the Center for Young Women's Health, the growth hormones produced by the pituitary gland send signals to produce testosterone which is present in much larger quantities in men; this means that males tend to build muscle faster than females due to their higher testosterone levels. Why is testosterone good for females? Because it increases mood, energy, and cognitive function. 

What are the Benefits of Weight Training? 

Additionally, it is essential to understand the importance of the benefits that come with weight lifting. According to the Mayo Clinic, weight training and building muscle develop stronger bones, thus reducing chronic conditions and risks of osteoporosis. Weight training also aids in building stronger connective tissue preventing injury. I-Min Lee, a professor of epidemiology at Harvard, mentioned that muscle strengthening exercises help increase the body's physical functioning. Examples include improved glucose metabolism and cardiovascular risk factors like blood pressure. Weight training can help our bodies stay healthy and live a long and fulfilling life. 

This myth has changed and shaped our idea of weight training, and we are here to show you that AURUM is for everyone. Our slogan, "Train like an Astronaut," appeals to males and females alike. Why? Because it gives muscle strength and toning in 6 minutes of training once a week. Want to know how AURUMs High Intensity Resistance Training works? Book your first session in one of our studios. 

We are looking forward to seeing you! 


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