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Stay healthy through the summer with AURUM: Making it your feel-good summer!

Stay healthy through the summer with AURUM: Making it your feel-good summer!

LIVE MORE. Train Less. More Life. From soaking up the sun to engaging in Zone 2 cardio outdoors or swimming in the lake, motivation for movement, and much more – we’ve got you covered! Because you should spend less time in the gym and instead enjoy your life more. So, what have we learned this summer? How can you stay healthy through the summer and live more with just one AURUM Training and less focus on fitness?

1. Healthy muscles with the power of the sun

With the warming sun come not only high temperatures but also an extra dose of Vitamin D, an essential vitamin for your health. Our article Vitamin D and the health of your muscles sheds light on the deep connection between Vitamin D and muscle health. By consciously soaking up sunlight, you're not only strengthening your muscles but also promoting a positive mood. So, get out in the sun and soak up that Vitamin D.

2. Radiant skin health and protection from UV Rays

But as you enjoy the sun, don't forget about protecting your skin. This involves both avoiding sunburn and maintaining beautiful skin, as UV rays accelerate skin aging. In one of our posts, we explored the question "What does skin aging and UV rays have to do with AURUM?" By choosing the right sun protection and appropriate skincare, you safeguard your skin from harmful influences.

3. Hydration for your health and fitness

Healthy skin tension can be achieved only when your body is adequately hydrated. However, the summer heat increases your fluid needs. In "Hydration in summer: How much water does your body need?," we explain why staying sufficiently hydrated is vital, especially when you're active outdoors and sweating more.

4. Embrace the outdoors

Speaking of spending more time outdoors: Summer is the ideal time to mix up your workout routine. In Alternatives to the Gym, we present various outdoor exercises that not only enhance your fitness and complement AURUM Training but also make exercising enjoyable. So, giving them a try is doubly rewarding.

5. Light cardio training in summer for longevity

In another article, we explain why adding extra movement to AURUM Training yields the unbeatable formula for longevity. When we talk about movement, we're referring to Zone 2 training, which involves training at an intensity where you can still comfortably breathe through your nose or hold a conversation. So, you see, it's not about pushing yourself to your athletic limit every day, but rather integrating more everyday movement into your life.

6. Finding motivation for summer training

So far, it all sounds quite logical, doesn't it? But how can you motivate yourself to maintain an active lifestyle and stick to AURUM Training when the heat is on? We discussed this question with bodybuilder Moritz Dette. A strong focus and clear goals, among other factors, will help you sustain your motivation. Learn more here: Fitness Motivation in summer: Making staying fit easy.

7. More energy through adapted summer nutrition

But where should the energy for more movement, especially in high temperatures, come from? The answer: A balanced diet is the key to more power and vitality. But let's be honest, when it's particularly hot outside, ice cream can sometimes take over your diet. In "5 simple tips for your diet in hot weather," we show you how to provide your body with all the necessary nutrients despite the heat. And the best part is that you'll learn how to use the summer heat to your advantage and become fitter and healthier.

8. Don't forget about regeneration

For those who are active, allowing your body time for recovery is essential, as that's when muscles and strength can grow. Restorative sleep is particularly important in this regard. But during the summer, this becomes a real challenge for many people when the heat in the bedroom becomes unbearable. In our article on restful sleep for muscle building, we provide useful tips for sleeping during hot weather.

9. Strengthen your immune system for fall now

Unfortunately, Swiss summers are far too short. So that you don't lose your newly acquired energy and motivation with the first autumn cold, you should boost your immune system now. Ice baths or cold showers can support you in this regard. In our article on the ideal protocol for ice baths by Dr. Andrew Huberman, we highlighted all the benefits of using cold exposure deliberately. Another advantage of starting cold showers in summer is that you can warm up in the sun afterward. And this brings us full circle because you're also producing vitamin D for your muscle health.

Conclusion: Stay fit & healthy through Summer

Summer is a time for balance, activity, and joy. By combining these different facets of your health, you create a comprehensive approach to your well-being and can fully enjoy the summer – exactly what we stand for at AURUM: the strength to enjoy life!

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